2015 Oklahoma City Recipient Metro 50
Represent the most competitive insurance companies.
Increase agency income and value.
Receive Bonuses & Profit Sharing with no minimum volume requirements.
Guarantee new agency launch success with The Agency Foundation™ Program.
Develop or increase commercial lines success with The Business Insurance Advantage™ Program.



Increase Your Agency Value

  • Become “Instantly Big” no matter the size of your agency.
  • Double your income AND increase the value of your agency by at least 50%.
  • Sell to people others can’t.
  • Decide for yourself who you’ll sell your business to.
  • Ensure your income doesn’t suddenly stop.
  • Earn highest commissions in industry AND get profit sharing and bonuses you’re entitled to.

Tools to GROW, Diversify and Market your Agency


We are a growing network of independent insurance agencies in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. We offer growth opportunities to insurance agencies wanting to remain independent, while being able to compete with larger local and regional agencies and clusters. OAA is a member of SIAA, a national organization that writes in excess of $6 billion in combined premium value.

New Agencies Are Successful Faster

OAA Agents Earn More With 5 Layers Of Increased Income

  1. Top Tier Base Commissions, typically between 15-20%
  2. OAA Profit Sharing Agreement or Fixed Value Based, with the added advantage of being at higher tiers. No required min. premium levels.
  3. OAA exclusive regional bonuses, often with no loss ratio requirement, negotiated locally and based on new or total WP ranging from 5-10%
  4. SIAA exclusive PMSF bonuses, often with no loss ratio requirement (unique in industry), based on new or total WP ranging from 1.5-3%
  5. SIAA exclusive national profitability bonuses ranging from 0-8%
      SIAA National Profitability Bonus 5
      SIAA National (PMSF) Portfolio Mgmt Service Fee 4
  Incentives & Overrides? Incentives & Overrides? Incentives & Overrides? 3
Profit Sharing? Profit Sharing? Profit Sharing? Profit Sharing/FVB 2
Smaller Agency

Standard Commissions

Regional Aggregator/Cluster

Top Tier Commissions

National Aggregator

Top Tier Commissions

OAA Regional

Top Tier Commissions

Good Better Best  

Top 5 SIAA Master Agency

Top 5 SIAA Master Agency


Our People

Warren “Tony” Caldwell : Co-Founder & CEO

Warren “Tony” Caldwell

Co-Founder & CEO

I started OAA to give local agents more opportunities to grow their business.  What I’ve realized along the way, is the more we help others achieve their dreams, we realize more of our dreams too.  This company exists to fulfill, inspire and dream.


Mitchell Brown : Chief Operations Officer

Mitchell Brown

Chief Operations Officer

Ron Hanna : Chief Revenue Officer

Ron Hanna

Chief Revenue Officer

I have the honor and privilege to work directly with each department at OAA that interfaces with our members; Accounting and Compliance, Agency Development, Access Plus, and Sales.  I find it very inspiring to work with such passionate and dedicated team members and see the impact they make on our members lives.


Robert Wallar : Controller

Robert Wallar


I oversee finances at OAA. I keep an eye on all incoming and outgoing cash, calculate incentives, and help members stay compliant and up to date on monthly reporting.  I enjoy seeing our members make more money and change their future.


Ashley Andrews : Executive Assistant

Ashley Andrews

Executive Assistant

I have the privilege of working solely with Tony on a daily basis from keeping him sane, organized and prepared for his day, to managing his calendar and getting him where he needs to be.  To be successful in this role, you must have patience and the ability to adapt quickly to changes in priorities and scheduling.


Stephen Silver : Access Plus Manager | Director, Synergy Insurance Services

Stephen Silver

Access Plus Manager | Director, Synergy Insurance Services

Alexa Deghand : Corporate Communications & Marketing Manager

Alexa Deghand

Corporate Communications & Marketing Manager

I am responsible for developing and executing all marketing and brand strategies for OAA. I also create and oversee all corporate communications, member education series and company events. With marketing and communication as my focus, I work daily on brand recognition and creating awareness of OAA’s mission, values and services while also distributing information both internally and externally to our members and staff. This position allows my creative juices to flow, which is where I truly thrive.

Marty Cagle : Director of First Impressions

Marty Cagle

Director of First Impressions

I am the first face you see at the OAA office. I enjoy greeting our visitors and team members as they walk in the door. I phone our members each month to see if they have any questions, comments or needs. My main focus is representing OAA and its amazing members.


Felicia Taylor : Contract and Code Management / APFCO Consultant

Felicia Taylor

Contract and Code Management / APFCO Consultant

I oversee contracts and amendments for our new members, as well as assist with the onboarding process. I am help our members receive direct codes with our Strategic Partner Carriers and ensure they are paid properly for the business they write, which increases their overall agency income. I also assist members with OAA's Premium Finance  Co., APFCO.

Tara West : Senior Accountant

Tara West

Senior Accountant

I love spreadsheets and numbers. I take care in preparing monthly payments to members in a timely manner. I want our members to make the most money and take the least risk, so I work with them to stay in compliance.


Rositta Dilbeck : Staff Accountant

Rositta Dilbeck

Staff Accountant

I am a member of our detail-oriented and number-focused accounting team. I ensure that the OAA staff receives proper payment for their service to the company, so they may continue to serve our members well, and that all stays in compliance.

Malinda Day : Accounting & Compliance

Malinda Day

Accounting & Compliance


Ryan McLaughlin : Agency Development Field Specialist

Ryan McLaughlin

Agency Development Field Specialist

Jeana Courtois : Agency Development Specialist

Jeana Courtois

Agency Development Specialist

Rachel Atkinson : Access Plus Personal Lines Account Manager

Rachel Atkinson

Access Plus Personal Lines Account Manager

I work with new agencies that onboard to work under OAA. I firm up the quotes they send in and bind coverage and process all paper work. My bilingual ability has played a big role over the years, being fluent in Spanish has made me a great help to members.


Bianca Jones : Access Plus Specialist

Bianca Jones

Access Plus Specialist

I assist with giving product knowledge and guidance to make sure our members are taken care of well.

Kristina Rochelle : Commercial Lines Account Manager

Kristina Rochelle

Commercial Lines Account Manager

Liliana Perez : Access Plus Specialist

Liliana Perez

Access Plus Specialist

Chelsea Smith : Access Plus Administration Assistant

Chelsea Smith

Access Plus Administration Assistant

I take on our service correspondence, offering administrative assistance to all of our members, as well as the Access Plus, Accounting and Agency Development depts. It is my initial responsibility to assist our members with precision and consistency, and I work to maintain those standards.

LaDonna Mitchell : Northwest Arkansas, Territory Manager / Recruiter

LaDonna Mitchell

Northwest Arkansas, Territory Manager / Recruiter

I work with prospective and current members to discover their dreams and goals and identify how OAA can help. I introduce them to the support of OAA and show them how they can gain access to the best companies, achieve compensation on a level they couldn’t reach before, and navigate into the future.


Melissa Hack : Western Oklahoma Territory Manager / Recruiter 

Melissa Hack

Western Oklahoma Territory Manager / Recruiter 

I have the best job at OAA  ̶ showing our future Members how to build their legacy. I have the honor of introducing OAA to agents that may not know there is a company ready and willing to walk beside them as they grow.


LeAnn Sanderson : Territory Manager/ Recruiter

LeAnn Sanderson

Territory Manager/ Recruiter

I am passionate about making people feel welcome, valued and informed.  I am always working to make sure OAA is engaging and innovative.  I want our vision, goals, and value to be consistent.


Tony Leddy : Territory Manager

Tony Leddy

Territory Manager

Steve Meridith : Territory Manager/Recruiter

Steve Meridith

Territory Manager/Recruiter

Heather Fox : Synergy Insurance Account Manager

Heather Fox

Synergy Insurance Account Manager

I work as a liaison between the insured and the insurance company.  I service existing policies, round accounts and sell new policies, by helping to translate our insureds' needs into the appropriate coverages.  I strive to find cost effective solutions for our insureds' needs,  while facilitating a collaborative relationship with the Underwriters of the Insurance Companies.

Ariel Szczepanski : Synergy Insurance Customer Service Representative

Ariel Szczepanski

Synergy Insurance Customer Service Representative

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What Our Members Are Saying

“OAA gave me the opportunity to build a valuable business that will help me live a comfortable life and pass that on to the next generation.”

Mike McPeak, McPeak and Associates, Inc.

“I became a member to obtain appointments from the carriers. Since then, I have realized the strength of OAA. I was a captive agent for 17 years and eclipsed the size of my captive book with in the first two years. And that is why I am a member.”

Paul Steiner, Steiner Insurance Group

“We signed up with OAA originally for carrier access. There was no way we could get good carrier contracts as a startup independent agency. I do feel good about the way OAA/SIAA negotiates with various carriers to help our agency make the most money possible. We looked at several other options before going with OAA and you were the best option.”

Randy Webb, Webb Insurance Agency

“It made financial sense so our agency had access to more companies to write with and for discounts and possible benefits.”

Rebecca Ferguson, Perimeter Insurance Agency

“We like having the expert advice from someone we can trust. We really feel like OAA is in our corner & giving us the tools we need to succeed!”

Bryan Chouinard, Centennial Insurance Group, Inc.

“OAA allows access to carriers I would otherwise not be able to obtain immediately. It is also very nice to have people who have been in my position assist me with the issues of starting and running my own agency.”

Tracey Talley, Wall Street Insurance, LLC

“We obviously enjoy the bonuses we receive by being an OAA/SIAA member. However, we also place a high value on the fact OAA “has our back.” In other words, we believe companies deal with us more carefully as an OAA member than they would if we weren’t affiliated with OAA. “

Von Nix, Statewide Insurance Agency

“We wanted to be part of an organization that helps agents grow professionally, maximize our income potential & gives us access to markets to be successful business owners.”


Bryan Chouinard, Centennial Insurance Group, Inc.

“After leaving Farmers Insurance, it was difficult to find markets. OAA was able to help get me all the personal lines and commercial lines appointments, so I could be successful in the insurance business. The bonus structure helps me concentrate on writing business, while they take care of all the negotiations. “

Chris LeBlanc, LeBlanc Family Insurance

“We were worried about the possibility of losing a couple of markets, due to poor loss ratios. Companies kept ‘raising the bar’ on qualifying for profit sharing. We are very happy we joined OAA to help offset those concerns.”

Russell Dull, Omega Insurance Agency

“SIAA’s Master Agencies offer attractive benefits to member firms during current market conditions”

Rough Notes Magazine

“The system SIAA devised helps agents acquire the products and services of top insurance carriers, which on their own would have been elusive, at best.”

Roger Jean – CEO, Liberty Mutual Regional Agency Markets

“OAA showed me how to add $70,000 to my bottom line by becoming a member.”

Mick Cottom

“I made $22,430 in profit sharing this year with a company I only write a couple hundred thousand in volume with!”

Phil Eitzen

“I made 24% total income on every one of the $81,000 dollars of premium I wrote with Safeco Insurance Company this year!”

Keith McBride

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Jeana Courtois

Ryan McLaughlin

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OAA Named SIAA #1 Master Agency

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Maximizing Marketing – The “Old Ways” Still Work

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Territory Manager, Melissa Hack Signs New Members

Melissa Hack, Territory Manager for the Oklahoma City metro and it’s surrounding area recently signed two new members! By joining OAA, St. John Insurance and Horn Insurance Agency will have access to more of the…

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OAA Hosts Orientations for New Members

Agency Development has been busy hosting orientations for our newest members! OAA’s orientation covers topics such as setting up an independent insurance agency, education requirements and resources through OAA and SIAA, incentives for being a…

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Recently I described my experience trying to fly a simulated aircraft during training.  As I described it wasn’t pretty and I hoped that the instructor would be merciful and put an end to the sim…

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