Represent the most competitive insurance companies.
Increase agency income and value.
Receive Bonuses & Profit Sharing with no minimum volume requirements.
Guarantee new agency launch success with The Agency Foundation™ Program.
Develop or increase commercial lines success with The Business Insurnace Advantage™ Program.

OAA Agents Earn More With 5 Layers Of Increased Income

  1. Top Tier Base Commissions, typically between 15-20%
  2. OAA Profit Sharing Agreement or Fixed Value Based, with the added advantage of being at higher tiers. No required min. premium levels.
  3. OAA exclusive regional bonuses, often with no loss ratio requirement, negotiated locally and based on new or total WP ranging from 5-10%
  4. SIAA exclusive PMSF bonuses, often with no loss ratio requirement (unique in industry), based on new or total WP ranging from 1.5-3%
  5. SIAA exclusive national profitability bonuses ranging from 0-8%
      SIAA National Profitability Bonus 5
      SIAA National (PMSF) Portfolio Mgmt Service Fee 4
  Incentives & Overrides? Incentives & Overrides? Incentives & Overrides? 3
Profit Sharing? Profit Sharing? Profit Sharing? Profit Sharing/FVB 2
Smaller Agency

Standard Commissions
Regional Aggregator/Cluster

Top Tier Commissions
National Aggregator

Top Tier Commissions
OAA Regional

Top Tier Commissions
Good Better Best  

New Agencies Are Successful Faster

OAA will help you establish the business foundation of your insurance agency.
While you are independent, SIAA has access to all of the tools to help you build your agency.
It isn’t only about writing insurance, it's about building a successful business.

Tools to GROW, Diversify and Market your Agency

Increase Your Agency Value

  • Become “Instantly Big” no matter the size of your agency.
  • Double your income AND increase the value of your agency by at least 50%.
  • Sell to people others can’t.
  • Decide for yourself who you’ll sell your business to.
  • Ensure your income doesn’t suddenly stop.
  • Earn highest commissions in industry AND get profit sharing and bonuses you’re entitled to.

Top 5 SIAA Master Agency

Top 5 SIAA Master Agency
Forecasted 15
Forecasted 16
Forecasted 17



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What Our Members Are Saying

“SIAA’s Master Agencies offer attractive benefits to member firms during current market conditions”

Rough Notes Magazine

“The system SIAA devised helps agents acquire the products and services of top insurance carriers, which on their own would have been elusive, at best.”

Roger Jean – CEO, Liberty Mutual Regional Agency Markets

“OAA showed me how to add $70,000 to my bottom line by becoming a member.”

Mick Cottom

“I made $22,430 in profit sharing this year with a company I only write a couple hundred thousand in volume with!”

Phil Eitzen

“I made 24% total income on every one of the $81,000 dollars of premium I wrote with Safeco Insurance Company this year!”

Keith McBride

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  Video 3 OAA member agencies may not be able to beat Google or Amazon on price, but we have one thing they don’t and we’ll win every time.

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