And you’ll be enthusiastic!

I recently had to endure a presentation by someone who had close to zero energy.  It was close to unbearable.  OMG!  I was bored!  I needed a nap – no I needed an escape!  Or a gun to put myself, or the presenter, out of MY misery!

It was truly horrible.

There was not only no energy, worse there was no enthusiasm.  Please understand this – there was also no credibility or believability.  The presentation was a complete waste of time.

But, there was a lot of good information in the presentation.  There was compelling evidence.  There were good ideas.  There was interesting detail.  The “presentation” wasn’t bad.  It was the presenter that was awful.

If you are going to make a presentation you MUST be enthusiastic about what you are saying or you are wasting everyone’s time.  Now, some of us are not the rah rah super energetic type of personality.  I get that.  And I’m not suggesting that anyone be something they are not.  But if you believe in something – like what you are saying – then put some energy into it!

The great sales trainer Dale Carnegie is famous for saying “act enthusiastic and you’ll be enthusiastic”.  His advice was that you can inject energy and enthusiasm by making the choice to do so.  I have found that this is true.  I also have found that when someone is enthusiastic about something they are compelling.

Enthusiasm does not mean you have to shout or speak loudly.  It does mean you have to evidence passion.  It doesn’t mean you have to fake.  It does mean you have to believe in what you’re saying.  It doesn’t mean you have to leap around.  It does mean you have to have a spark.  It doesn’t mean you have to cry but it does mean you need to show appropriate emotion.

The word “enthusiasm” is my favorite.  It comes from the Greek “en theos” or in, or filled with God.  Whether you’re religious, or not, think about what that would be like for a minute.  If you were full of the creator of everything wouldn’t you feel energetic?  Wouldn’t you feel the impact of power?  Wouldn’t you want to share that?  Of course you would.  That is enthusiasm!

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