If you are like most small business people you wear a lot of hats. Some of those hats you enjoy wearing – and chances are you’re good at doing what those hats require. But more than likely there are tasks you are doing every day that you don’t do well. Or they are tasks someone who makes less money than you could do.

In the agency business there are lots of options for owners in terms of how they can spend their time. But the one that is CLEARLY most important is making the cash register ring.

Think about it. How did you come to start an agency? Was it because you were a better CSR than most? Probably not. More than likely you are your agency’s best sales person.

To grow, and grow rapidly, you need to have a lot of sales. If you’re the best sales person isn’t that what you should do?

Perhaps you aren’t a good sales person but are gifted at sales management.   OK go hire sales people and manage them.

The point is this – decide what you are best at and focus on that. Hire people to do everything else. By the way, the word “decide” is from a latin word which means “kill the options”. You need to kill all the options of ways to waste your time being unproductive and focus on your skill. More than likely its selling.

If you want to grow you need to know. What is it you do best? Do that. Leave the rest.

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