That you may be the next to die?”  Do you remember the macabre ditty from your childhood?  Like “Ring Around The Rosy” it’s one of those songs we sang on the playground as children as a sort of joke not realizing something serious lay behind them

As adults we recognize death is inevitable but we cope with it as children do with humor and ignorance.  But ignoring its reality does not make it go away.

With  many partner agencies,  I have seen death come several times to business associates.  It is always a sad thing when someone you know, and work closely with, passes away.  But it is really difficult when they leave without preparing their business, and their family, for what  is inevitable for all of us

When a business owner dies his death affects his family in many ways including financially.  The financial impacts of his death on employees, partners and insurance providers are  also profound.  When there has been no preparation for it there is also confusion, chaos and financial loss.

The solution, is of course, preparation.  Every business owner must have a perpetuation plan for the business.  Otherwise the business and the jobs and financial security it provides may not survive the owner.

Your business is unique.  But your human frailty is not.  Do you have well established and communicated plans for the continuation of your business and the protection of all those dependent on it?  If you do congratulations!  But if you do not take the opportunity now, before the year closes, and take action!  You may not be next as the song asks, but you’re not going to be here forever, either.

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