I was at the office yesterday (Saturday morning) and received a nice note from one of our new member agents about one of our great team members (thanks Natalie!).   I fired off a quick thank you to the member and said I was “glad to see another entrepreneur working on a Saturday!”

What was interesting was his response which I quote verbatim:

“Yep.  Many can only come in on Saturday.  Plus set up apt to sign two Travelers app issued via Access Plus.  And doing a auto and home app for Safeco. “

 Why was he working on a Saturday?  Because that was the only time prospect and customers can come see him.  It seems obvious that anyone trying to sell anything would go where the customers are when they are there.

So, why are almost all insurance agencies only open Monday through Friday and 8:00 to 5:00?  Heck, even banks have figured out for a couple of decades now that they need to be open past 5 o’clock and be open on Saturday.  Mom and Pop businesses all across America have wrung their hands while they went bankrupt when Walmart came to town.  They complained they couldn’t compete on price.

I think it’s much more than that.  They refused to compete on service.  They weren’t there when the customer needed them.

When will insurance agencies get the message?  Before for or after bankruptcy?

The world is changing.  Technology is taking customers away from us.  The new world demands a higher level of service and availability from anyone who wants to sell anything.  If, as an independent agent, personal service is your competitive advantage – why aren’t you open more?

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