At OAA, we often talk about what we do that goes beyond carrier access. We want to give you the tools you need to start, grow, and make your agency as successful as it can be. Are you making the most of your membership?

Darrel Alcorn, Owner and Principal of MTJT Agency, has been incredibly involved in taking advantage of OAA’s many services for his new agency in Yukon, OK. Darrell and his team have consistently used many of the benefits OAA has to offer. Just some of these include regularly attending OAA Academy; signing up for the Insite: OAA’ s Digital Brand Consulting Program; actively learning in Agency Development meetings; filming in OAA’s free Video Studio Room; reaching out to the OAA team to answer questions; and using the SIAA store. These services, along with many more, are offered to all members, included to you exclusively through your membership.

The OAA team is dedicated to your success. View the list of team members below whom you can always reach out to, if you have questions or OAA service requests in their specialties!

Rachel Atkinson – Personal Lines

Donna Eaton – Commercial Lines

Chelsea Smith – AccessPlus Services

Ron Hanna – Agency Acquisitions, Selling/Buying an Agency

Samantha Cassidy – Creative Marketing, Graphic Design

Ryan MClaughlin – Agency Development, Commercial Insurance, OAA Member Tools

Jeana Courtois – Agency Development, Growing Your Agency, OAA Member Tools

Jennifer Fabian – Director of Agency Development, OAA Member Tools

LeAnn Sanderson – OAA Webinars/Seminars, OAA Events, Communications

Robert Wallar – Accounting, Billing


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