best yeat

As I write this it is the start of November.  I hope as this year moves to its close you are as excited about what the new year will bring as I am!

I’ve been looking back over the challenges our company faced during this past year – and they were very significant.  We had a number of things we struggled with during the year, but our commitment to being successful and the courage our team showed in facing each obstacle will result in the best year our company has ever experienced in virtually every category that matters!

As I reflect on the progress we made this year I am filled with tremendous optimism – and confidence – about the year ahead.  I see some new challenges for us and I also think it is likely there will be obstacles we can’t see that will test us  in 2016.

Yet, I am confident  we will be more successful than ever next year despite what we ultimately face.  I am confident because of the way we have performed.  I am also confident because of the clarity with which we see our future.  That clarity enables us to renew our commitment to be the best at what we do.  So, of course 2016 will be a great year for us!

How about you?  Are you ready for a great year 2016?  If you are just beginning to think about it take some time to reflect on your achievements this year. Consider the challenges you faced successfully and count the capabilities you developed as a result.  I hope this will fill you with a tremendous sense of confidence!

Take that confidence and use it to fuel dreams.  What is possible for you next year is limited mostly by what you believe about it.  Dream big!  After all, 2016 will only be here once in our lifetime, so let’s make it the best 2016 ever!


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