Last week my Strategic Coach Coach Lee Brower told the story of his son in a very powerful way.  I won’t do it justice here but I am going to try because the point of the story is very powerful.

Lee’s son was a strapping, healthy, athletic young teenager.  Until he was stricken with cancer.

As a family they battled the cancer together and eventually licked it.  His son recovered his health and things moved back closer to normal.  Then, at a routine checkup the doctors discovered that the cancer had returned and was worse than before.  The doctor said “we need to put you in the hospital right now”.  Clearly this was serious.  It was obvious to everyone that this renewed cancer was a threat to the young man’s life if not treated right way.

The young man refused to go to the hospital, instead turning to his father he said “please book the sky diving trip”.

It was very important that he get to the hospital right away if there was a chance to save his life.

But what the young man understood was that it was essential that his life be worth living.  It was essential that he experience life to the fullest with whatever time he had to live.

So, they went skydiving!  He had a wonderful time and returned to face the battle with cancer.

I wish this story had a happy ending for Lee’s son.  Unfortunately, he lost his battle with cancer and is no longer alive.  But what his courage, and his understanding of what is essential, did was leave a legacy of inspiration for his family and those that new him.

The Brower family created a foundation called Wacky Warriors to help young adults in the battles with cancer.  More than that they are using their son’s example to teach what he considered essential: pay it forward for others, always have something to look forward to and have fun!

There are a lot of things in life that are important.  But knowing, and doing what is essential is what we should focus on.  If we do that nothing, not even cancer, can stop us!

If you’d like to learn more about this remarkable young man, his legacy and how you can help visit:

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