Keith Boyd is an unusual ten year old boy. He is currently CEO of Keith’s Lemonade Stands, a realization of his vision to give back to others by helping his “alma mater” The Little Light House in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

When Keith was 8, in 2012 he wanted a motorized toy truck that cost $100.  The problem was that it wasn’t his birthday and Christmas was a long way off.  Keith’s dad suggested he could earn the money and Keith came up with the idea of a lemonade stand.  The first stand made $250 in its first day of operation.  Enough for the truck and more.

Keith’s dad suggested that Keith could use that money to help others and so he donated it to his school.  In 2013 Keith wanted to raise enough money to buy a lawn mower so he could mow lawns for extra money.  Again, he opened a lemonade stand and this time raised enough to buy the mower and also give some more money to his school.

The interesting thing about this young man who wanted to cut grass to earn extra money is that he planned to pull the lawn mower behind his wheel chair.  You see Keith has incurable cerebral palsy and has no control over his body.  He cannot even speak without a computer he controls with his eyes.

Keith can do nothing for himself physically.  And yet he wants to do a lot for others.

This year Keith teamed up with a local restaurant owner who helped him with lemonade production.  Keith was able to open ten lemonade stands staffed by hundreds of volunteers.  He was able to raise $120,000 for The Little Light House!

When he was interviewed for the local newspaper Keith said “Oh yeah, I mean I am a CEO at the age of 10.  That’s unusual.”  It certainly is!  Especially for a boy who can’t do anything for himself except think.

And inspire of course!  THAT is the CEO’s primary job isn’t it?

Keith is now planning to raise even more money by starting his own beverage company to bottle and box his lemonade.  He figures he can help even more people this way.

Keith’s motto is “what’s stopping you?”.  Nothing is stopping Keith!

If you’d like to learn more about Keith Boyd, and who wouldn’t, go to:–2.

By the way, what’s stopping you?

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